About @Lloyd

Your humble author, just before smashing some tapas

I relocated to Copenhagen from Ynys Môn in 2014. I’ve been a freelance digital product designer since high-school, and that’s how I found my way into product management. I try to keep my design skills sharp, though I consider myself mostly a product person these days.

I like to tinker and build. The art of making things is something I'm interested in - it's messy and difficult to build digital products, but it can be rewarding. I'm always trying to expand my product-building skills, and I hope to write here about the things I've learned. Writing helps me to clarify my thoughts.

I'm currently working at Tradeshift as a Principal Product Manager running our Data and Data Products initiatives. In practice that's a mashup of platform/infra, reporting/analytics, machine learning, and master-data wrangling.

You're always free to drop me an email lloyd@lloydhumphreys.com - (but not if you want to buy my Twitter handle: it's not for sale)